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Venue FAQ

Venue Information & Policies

Health Policy Information

CLICK HERE for the most recent Health Policy information for Starland Ballroom.

Where is Starland Ballroom located?

Starland Ballroom is located at 570 Jernee Mill Road in Sayreville, NJ. Check out our Directions page for directions to Starland Ballroom from multiple destinations and transportation methods.

What time does my show start or end?

We generally don't know in advance when a show will begin or end. Door times are posted for each show; the starting time for each show is generally (but not always) 30 to 60 minutes afterwards. The ending time varies by show; you should check with security or the box office on the way in for information.

Is the Starland Ballroom an all-ages venue?

For most shows, Starland Ballroom is an all-ages to enter, 21 to drink venue. On occasion an event may have a specific age restriction.  Please refer to the show listing on our Calendar page for all the shows details.

How do you separate underage concertgoers from those of legal drinking age?

Depending on the demographic of the event, this is what we do: Unlike venues which allow drinking patrons to mix with underage patrons, Starland's drinking area is confined to one or more sections of the building. People of legal drinking age are wrist-banded upon entry and allowed to enter the show's drinking sections. Persons under the age of 21 are not allowed into these areas, nor are alcoholic beverages permitted to leave them. Uniformed and undercover security personnel patrol these sections and man the entrances and exits of these areas during these events. Parents can feel confident that every effort is made to keep underage persons from breaking the law.

Is there parking onsite?

Yes. Due to restrictions on space, Starland Ballroom employs an outside company to direct traffic in its lot. Because of this, we must charge a nominal fee to help pay for lot / safety attendants. Parking costs $10 per event. To expedite the parking process, please have your money ready upon arrival.

Starland Ballroom also offers StarParking, which allows ticketholders upfront parking and line privilages.  StarParking can be purchased through AXS.com or the Starland box office. 

For more information on Star Parking please click here.

I want to interview a band, take photos of a band, or review a show. How do I go about this?

All interview and review requests must be made through the band's record label or publicity person. Please contact the specific band's label for information. Likewise, Starland Ballroom does not issue photo passes; you must contact the band's publicity personnel to gain such credentials.

I lost my cell phone / credit card / wallet / jacket / etc. at Starland? What do I do?

Starland maintains a "Lost And Found" box at its offices. Call 732-238-5500 to discuss the matter. Remember: Though we do our best to unite lost items with their owners, Starland Ballroom is not responsible for items left on the premises. After 6 months, unclaimed cell phones are donated to military and/or domestic abuse charities.

The weather outside is frightening. Is my show canceled?

Should inclement weather force us to postpone a show, you can visit this site, our social media channels or call (732) 238-5500 for information.

If your event is canceled, and you bought your tickets online or via the phone, you will be refunded automatically. If you bought your tickets through a retail outlet or the Starland Ballroom box office, you will need to return to your original point of purchase to obtain a refund.

What types of items are prohibited at Starland?

Generally, any item we deem detrimental to public safety or to the ongoing upkeep of the venue.  For a full list of prohibited items please refer to our Venue Rules page.

I want to leave and go to my car during the event, do you allow re-entry?

Once your ticket has been scanned you will not be allowed to leave and re-enter the venue. The only exception is our smoking section (information listed below).

Do you have a medical staff onsite during events?

We have medical staff present at every event that takes place at Starland, no matter the attendance.  Should you need assistance during a show please locate the closest staff member and they will be able to help.

My favorite band is playing and I want to meet them, is that possible?

Artist Meet and Greet packages are usually offered directly through the artist’s website or on AXS.com. Please refer to our Calendar page for event listings and ticketing info.

I want to campout to get a good place in line, is that allowed?

Overnight camping is strictly prohibited.  For events where we anticipate an early arriving crowd we will post on all social media platforms a time when our parking lot opens and you can begin lining up. 

Do you have a coat check?

We do, but it is only open seasonally.  We do not check bags in our coat check.

I’d like to stay somewhere close to the venue, are there any hotels nearby?

Yes, please refer to our Area Hotels page for a listing.

Can I take public transportation to Starland?

Yes, all transportation methods are outlined on our Directions page.

I would like to advertise on all the screens in the venue, how can I do that?

Please email you advertising inquiries to info@starlandballroom.com and we will send you pricing.

I am a local band and would like to play on an upcoming show, how can I get on?

Please send all your contact info, press kits, etc. to localbands@starlandballroom.com.

Do you have an ATM at Starland?

We do, it is located in the front foyer area by the merch and coat check.

I am dropping off or picking up my child, do you have a drop off or pickup location?

When you pull into our parking lot our parking attendants will direct you where to drop off or pick up.


Where can I get tickets?

Tickets for Starland shows are available through the Starland Ballroom box office (Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), phone charge at 888-9-AXS-TIX (888-929-7849) and here at StarlandBallroom.com. Go over to the Box Office section for more info.

When do tickets go on sale?

New shows get announced and go on sale at various days and times.  To stay up to date with all of our upcoming shows join our newsletter HERE or follow us on our various social platforms.

Can I buy tickets at the door on the day of the show?

Absolutely! Tickets are available the day of the show online and at the door for all events that are not sold out.  Once a show is sold out, there will be no more available tickets the day of the show.

How many people will be at the concert I'm going to?

It depends on how many tickets sell. Starland's capacity is scalable depending on the show, ticket demand, etc. Some shows may be more attended than others, though it's Starland's goal to consistently provide a comfortable concert experience.

Are there seats in your venue?

Unless specifically stated in show advertising or here on Starlandballroom.com, all Starland shows are general admission, standing room events.  There are various barstools and couches throughout the venue, but they are first come first serve.

I have a young child that I want to bring to the show. Do they need a ticket?

All patrons must have a ticket, regardless of age.  Children in arms and strollers are not permitted into the venue, otherwise all patrons must have a ticket.  If you require ear protection or forgot your young ones ear protection please ask a staff member for assistance.

Do you offer discount tickets for group sales?

Starland Ballroom does not offer group discounts at this time.

We do offer a Season Pass plan, details can be found HERE.

I won tickets from a radio station, but I can't go to the show. Can I put my friend's name on the list instead?

That's solely up to the radio station, not Starland Ballroom. Once we have a list from a station, we don't make any changes to it. You should contact the station well in advance of the show to see if they allow such changes to be made.

I can't make it to the show, can I get a refund?

Tickets purchased for events at Starland Ballroom are non-refundable.

If your event is canceled, and you bought your tickets online or via the phone, you will be refunded automatically. If you bought your tickets through a retail outlet or the Starland Ballroom box office, you will need to return to your original point of purchase to obtain a refund.

I have tickets on Will Call/Guest List/Radio Winner, where and when can I pick them up?

You may pick up your tickets any time after doors open for that particular event.  You will need a photo ID to claim your tickets.  For Will Call tickets, please also have the credit card used for purchase and order confirmation number.  The box office will remain open until the headliner takes the stage.

Can I transfer my tickets to someone else?

If you purchased your tickets through AXS and they are at will call, you may call 1-888-9-AXS-TIX (1-888-929-7849) to request an alternate pickup name. There are certain events and ticket types where alternate pickup is not available.

If you have e-tickets, you may forward the email to someone else or print them out. These tickets may be printed out multiple times, but can only be used ONCE at the venue.

If you have mobile tickets on the AXS app, you may share tickets with others who are attending the event with you and also have the AXS app. If your friend can no longer attend, you can revoke these tickets in the AXS app to get them back. For more info on mobile tickets, click here: https://support.axs.com/forums/20787005-Introducing-the-new-AXS-App-

Guestlist or contest winner tickets may not be transferred.

I left my tickets at home or I lost them, can I still see the show?

Yes, we will make every attempt to assist you. If you purchased your tickets via AXS by phone or online, please call 1-888-929-7849 with as much information about your order as you have (order number, credit card, purchase date). Once your account is located, your tickets will either be resent to you via email, or changed to Will Call so that you can pick them up at the box office on the night of the show. If tickets were purchased elsewhere, please call the box office at 732-238-5500 for assistance.

Can I enter the venue with a ticket on my phone?

Yes, we can scan tickets right off your phone screen. Please be sure to have the tickets loaded on your screen before you enter the venue. If you have any issues, head to the box office for assistance.

Photo / Audio / Video

Are cameras or video recording devices allowed?

Starland Ballroom's camera policy varies from concert to concert:

At some events, artists explicitly forbid fan photography. In these cases, Starland cannot allow cameras of any sort to be brought into the venue. Starland will do its best to inform fans of this policy via Starlandballroom.com or our social media channels.

At other events, artists allow fan photography, which Starland respects by allowing fans to bring cameras into the venue. In these instances, only simple, point-and-shoot, non-professional cameras will be permitted.

Cameras with video recording capabilities are prohibited at all times.

All model tablets are prohibited at all times.

Starland Ballroom reserves the right to deny camera use at any time before, during or after the concert and to prohibit the use of any camera that is deemed by Starland Ballroom and/or the Artist to be unacceptable.

Under no circumstances are fans permitted to use devices to record video at the Starland Ballroom.

I would like a photo pass to shoot the band, how can I get one?

Starland Ballroom does not issue photo passes; you must contact the band's publicity personnel to gain such credentials.

Food & Beverage

I’m coming right from work, do you guys sell food?

We serve our world famous hot and fresh pizza at every event, and it is available throughout the night.

Can I buy alcoholic beverages at Starland?

For our patrons that are of legal drinking age we offer full service alcoholic beverage options.  If order to purchase and consume an alcoholic beverage you must present proper and valid government issued identification.   No exceptions will be made, so be sure to bring your ID’s!

Can I bring in my own food and drinks?

We do not allow any outside food or beverages into the venue.

Do you accept credit cards at all the bars?

Yes, you have the option of opening a tab or just making a single transaction at all of our bars and concession stands.

Smoking Policies

I’m from out of state or the country, can I smoke inside Starland Ballroom?

Since 2007 Starland Ballroom has been a smoke free facility and smoking inside is strictly prohibited.

Do you provide your patrons with a place to smoke?

We provide an outside smoking section for our patrons where re-entry into the venue is permitted.  Smoking inside the venue is strictly prohibited.

Does Starland allow the use of electronic smoking devices?

The use of all electronic smoking devices are prohibited from being used inside the Starland Ballroom.

Rental Inquiries

I want to rent the Starland Ballroom for a social event. How do I go about this?

Starland Ballroom is the perfect place to hold a Wedding, Sweet 16, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Corporate Event, Public or Private Concert, Banquet, or Reception.

For more information please refer to our Private Events page.