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The Bowery Presents
Hip To Be Scared: Severed Leg 2

Ice Nine Kills

Bad Omens, Currents, Fame On Fire

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Helpless teens, unhelpful authorities, supernatural forces, masked killers, and “final girls” abound in the shocking, blood soaked, thrilling slasher epic, ICE NINE KILLS THE SILVER SCREAM; FINAL CUT. It’s a devilish director’s cut style delicacy packed with the original Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart-topping slab’s 13 songs of punishingly heavy and uproariously anthemic odes to 13 horror classics, plus: bone-chilling acoustic dirge renditions of goth avenging “A Grave Mistake” (live at SiriusXM), pumpkin carving “Stabbing in the Dark” (featuring Trivium frontman Matthew K. Heafy), chainsaw wielding “Savages”, and machete slashing “Thank God It’s Friday”(costarring the First Jason himself, horror icon Ari Lehman). 
“The Silver Scream is the REAL ‘American Nightmare’!” 
– Ricky Dean Logan / Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) 
“Fiercely insane!” 
– Felissa Rose / Sleepaway Camp (1983) 
“Decadent and devious!” 
– Ryan J. Downey / MovieWeb 
In a landscape littered with celebrity fakes and would-be influencers, ICE NINE KILLS stand apart. Visionary trailblazers and multimedia raconteurs, INK has steadily built a thrilling new underworld for a growing legion of devoted true believers, with theatrical shows, high-concept videos, and inventive band-to-fan communion. 
Ice Nine Kills summon the most captivating elements of metal, punk and hard rock and combine it with melody, cinematic obsession, and a literary fascination. 
Loudwire hails them as “one of the most unique acts in metal right now,” a declaration supported by the band’s Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart topping slab, The Silver Scream. 13 songs of devilishly devious odes to classic horror, The Silver Scream generated anthems for the disenfranchised and subculture obsessives, like “The American Nightmare,” and broke them into Active Rock radio. 
After a decade of studio wizardry and live theatricality, ICE NINE KILLS draws favorable comparisons to rock icons like Slipknot, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson, via a likeminded synergy of music, lifestyle, and cult following reverence. 
ICE NINE KILLS is at the forefront of the natural crosspollination of subcultures. “Heavy music and horror are both escapes from our mundane struggles,” singer Spencer Charnas points out. “You could be having the worst day, then you put on a great metal record or horror movie and forget about all of your problems.”
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  • Sun, November 28, 2021
  • 7:00 PM
  • All Ages to Enter, 21 & Over to Drink
  • Sold Out